A Rational Inequality with Huge Exponents

When a challenging type of problem is written with unexpectedly large numbers, it can look impossible. Today’s discussion illustrates how to get past the hurdles. The problem The problem came from Arsh in April: Q) [x((x+5)^2016)((x-3)^2017)((6-x) ^1231)]/((x-2)^10000)((x+1)^2015)((4-x)^242) ≥ 0 Since our site doesn’t yet allow LaTeX formatting, and Arsh chose not to insert the problem …

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Non-routine Algebra Problems

(A new problem of the week) Last week I mentioned “non-routine problems” in connection with the idea of “guessing” at a method. Let’s look at a recent discussion in which the same issues came up. How do you approach a problem when you have no idea where to start? We’ll consider some interesting implications for …

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