Month: August 2019

Translating a Curve: Multiple Methods

(A new question of the week) Today we’ll look at a problem that puts a little twist on the basic idea of translating a graph. The focus is on finding alternate approaches to the problem, which is an important skill in problem solving.

An Introduction to Trigonometry

(An archive question of the week) While I’m showing some recent explanations of basic trigonometry techniques, this is a good time to look at an even more basic explanation of the essentials of the subject for a beginner.

Trigonometric Equations: An Overview

(A new question of the week) This week and next I will look at a recent discussion on trigonometry that dug deep into two different issues: solving equations, and proving identities. These are good summaries of how to approach these common kinds of problems. This week: solving basic trig equations.

Equations with Fractions: Three Ways to Solve Them

Since we just looked at a complicated rational inequality, let’s look at some simpler rational equations, first a linear equation with fractions, and then truly rational equations, in which the variable(s) appear in the denominator. This discussion dealt with a common confusion I’ve seen in students.