Order of Operations: Common Misunderstandings

Last time I started a series looking at the Order of Operations from various perspectives. This time I want to consider several kinds of misunderstandings we often see. Multiplication before division? Here is a question from 2005 from a teacher, “WRW”: Confusion over Interpretation of PEMDAS In telling students to “do multiplication and division IN …

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Order of Operations: The Basics

The order of operations in algebra (also called operator precedence) is a very common source of questions; I count at least 50 archived discussions explicitly about the topic (not just mentioning it in passing), in addition to the Ask Dr. Math FAQ on the subject.  I’ll devote the next few posts to looking at various aspects …

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Why We Care About “Why”

(Archive question of the week) One day back in November, as I entered the community college where I teach, a man came in behind me with his son, probably about 3 years old. It was the first snowy day of the year, and the father stood on the mat wiping his feet, while the little …

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