Month: September 2020

More Handshake Problems

Last week we looked at problems about counting diagonals in a polygon, and the very similar problem of counting handshakes when everyone in a group shakes with everyone else. In the course of searching for those problems, I also found some very different problems that are also about handshakes. We’ll look at those here, just …

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Overlapping Square Tiles

(A new question of the week) An interesting geometry question came to us in July, about the area of overlap between two squares. The discussion was not long, but leads to some interesting ideas.

Polygons and Handshakes

We’ll spend the next couple weeks looking at various counting problems. This topic, called combinatorics, is often studied along with probability, but many of the topics we’ll see here feel more like geometry problems! Here, we’ll be counting the diagonals of a polygon, and handshakes between people at a party.