The Book Stacking Problem

(An archive question of the week) A recent question asked about a well-known problem about stacking books (or cards, or dominoes) so that the top one extends beyond the base, giving a link to one of many explanations of it – but one, like many, that doesn’t quite fill in all the details. Doctor Rick …

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Should We Put Zero Before a Decimal Point?

(An archive question of the week) Last time we ended with questions about writing (or ignoring) zeros at the end of a decimal. I didn’t have room for one more question, so I’ll put it here.

Impossible? Try anyway!

(An archive question of the week) Here’s a little problem with some big lessons for problem solving.

Derivative as Instantaneous Rate of Change

(An archive question of the week) Last week we looked at a recent question that touched on the idea of the derivative as a rate of change. Let’s look at a long discussion from a few years ago digging into what that means within calculus.