Minimizing an Angle

(New Question of the Week) An interesting trigonometry problem came through about a month ago, answered by Doctor Rick. It gives a nice example of how our process works at its best. It is also an interesting problem!

When Can a Function Equal Its Inverse?

(New Question of the Week) This week I answered a seemingly simple question that can be solved in several different ways when presented as multiple choice, but is rather difficult as a straightforward algebra problem. Trying to guess what the “patient” had done yielded an invalid method that gave the right answer — or was it really invalid? …

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Unfamiliar Geometry Notation

(New Question of the Week) One of the benefits of being a Math Doctor is interacting with the math of many cultures around the world, as we attract an international following. We have observed variations in terminology and notation from country to country, as well as variations in the content of math education (some better …

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