Choosing the Most Appropriate Unit

We’ve been looking at measuring and drawing devices (compass, ruler, protractor); let’s move on to units of measurement. A fairly common question for students learning about measurement is, “What is the most appropriate unit for measuring ___?” The answer is not always clear, as we’ll see.

Using a Protractor

Last time we looked at how to use a ruler to measure distances. This time, we’ll consider another common question over the years: how to use a protractor to measure angles. We’ll also consider the relationship between protractors and the compass and straightedge constructions that started this series on geometry tools. And just like last …

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Using a Ruler

Having just discussed why we use compass and straightedge in geometry, let’s flip that around and look at a common question at the more elementary level: How do you use a ruler to measure or draw a line of a given length? The usual issue here is working with the fractional markings on an inch …

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