“Order of Operations” Puzzles

We have often received questions about things called “Order of Operations problems”, or some similar name. Generally, what that means is simply that they are puzzles to give lots of practice evaluating expressions using the order of operations. I have collected a few quite different puzzles in this broad category.

The 24 Game and Kin

We are looking at various mathematical puzzles and games, with a focus on discussing rules and strategies, and then letting you play. Last time we discussed Four Fours, in which we are given a fixed set of “inputs” to a calculation (usually 4, 4, 4, 4), and want to find expressions that yield as many …

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Four Fours and Friends

This has been a good time for doing puzzles to stay busy (as a family, or a class, or as distanced friends, for instance). The next few posts will present various mathematical puzzles and games you might enjoy. Although often when a problem I quote was originally left unsolved, I have filled in the gap …

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Studying Math: Want a Challenge?

Many students who write to us are involved in math competitions. They don’t always say that explicitly, but we can tell when the problems they ask about may be far beyond ordinary homework, requiring deeper problem-solving skills. The three questions I’ll look at today are from students asking how to prepare for these competitions, or …

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